Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blue Springs Tubing

We had the full day open and it had been a while since I took the girls on an outdoor adventure. We headed up to Blue Springs prk in Orange City for the day. I knew that there was a spot for canoeing and swimming, but I didn't realize you could cruise down the river for a bit in the rented tubes. We did two runs of the springs and the girls got to play around in the water and we swam out over the springs. The girls stayed in their tubes most of the time so they didn't get too cold. Evie did take a jump off of a pretty high log. We also saw a manatee down at the mouth of the run; which was unusual for late August. We'll have to bring the canoe with us the next time we come. It was a blazing hot day; which are always the best for swimming in Florida's chilly springs.